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What We Do

We search for cutting-edge technologies to solve communication and data access problems.

We unite these technologies, using our application and device management platform.

We empower Investigative Agents to do their job right using the very best secure apps.

The Problem

The United States Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. §§41-58) (FTC Act) is a federal protection law applied to offline and online privacy and data security policies. The FTC has brought many enforcement actions against companies failing to comply. Law enforcement and government agencies are also deeply concerned with data protection issues and the potential release of sensitive personal information after the 2015 Office of Personnel Management breach - which directly impacted 18 million government employees and affiliates.

Investigative Agents can use commercially available online systems and apps, which are often extremely insecure, inaccurate and/or missing critical information. Reports from most online systems are not certified and do not meet legal requirements. Communication (e.g. phone, email, text) and file exchange is often conducted between agents and their customers and subjects over unencrypted frameworks.

In the event of a breach, lives are put at risk and Investigative Agents can be civilly sued and/or lose their credentials.

The Solution

Provide Investigative Agents with a single point of access (digital container) to conduct encrypted calls, messaging and file exchange. Additionally, soon to come is the ability to conduct a wide range of accurate and verifiable checks from many different systems and securely store relevant information.

A centralized digital access point used to securely and rapidly access time-critical information significantly reduces risk and eliminates highly inefficient, inaccurate and costly manual processes.

HuntRight is the secure, single access point for time-critical investigative communications and subject research processes.

Products for Investigative Agents

Encrypted Calls

Make encrypted phone calls with other agents, customers and subjects with amazing sound quality and reliability.

Encrypted Messaging

Encrypted messaging with other agents, customers and subjects with self-destruct security features.

Centralized Checks

Single point of access to conduct a wide range of accurate and verifiable checks from many different systems.


Coming Soon

About Us

HuntRight has a team of professionals, who have served on all levels of US Law Enforcement including federal, state and local. This also includes serving as personal advisors to Presidents of the United States (Bush & Clinton) concerning national security matters vital to protecting the homeland.

Team members also serve as senior executive board members to a multitude of agencies, which advise on law-enforce policies and procedures in the United States and Internationally. Technical personnel have top-level security clearances, won many top industry awards and worked with government agencies and defense contractors in the United States.

Our team’s extensive experience in cyber security and law enforcement, along with essential relationships with industry peak bodies and government agencies makes HuntRight possible.

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